Just In!

If you have not heard, 75 of the remains of Israel have converted into Judaism in Indonesia. And ever since, scorns, scoffing and all kinds of other negative tones have been heard from the Jewish world. I have been blessed with Orthodox Rabbis and families who have reached out their hands to teach, support and watch me, even from afar. But there are also those who are too cold-hearted to even care, and too self-absorbed to even lift a hand to help out, and yet, does nothing but scoffing, scorning and criticizing.

To the latter above, here is my declaration:

We don’t claim to know it all. We don’t even claim to be half as wise, half as connected with Hashem, half as holy, and half as accepted by Him as YOU (if you even were). But as filthy as you may think this conversion has been, please know, without even ONE willing Orthodox Rabbi that has a heart for the lost remains of Israel in the far east, without ANY compassion from the world that call themselves “TRUE JEWS” to pull us out of the Torahless world we were born into, without ANY helping hand from great spiritual Jewish leaders such as YOU, we have come to this first important milestone of our lives: THAT WE CHOSE TO START OUR JOURNEY BACK TO THE G-D OF OUR ANCESTORS… in the middle of a country where JUDAISM IS ILLEGAL… in the midst of a people who are MOSTLY MUSLIMS… with YET NOBODY to help, but scorn, criticize and bring us down all the time.

This journey is about us and Hashem, nothing to do with you, and this is only the beginning. We did not convert into ANY denominations. Our goal is to reach His heart, whether it is called “orthodox” or not. This is only a first milestone of a very long journey ahead of us. And this little man-made thing called “conversion” is like a small reward for our long and LONELY struggle to return to Hashem. So please, give us that! And unless YOU yourself work inline with Hashem’s yearning to bring all the remains of Israel back to Him and His land, no matter how far we come from (spiritually and geographically), please do SHUT UP!